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Welcome to Charlotte Auto Glass We have been safely installing glass for and Car Glass Repair in Charlotte NC more than many years in Charlotte NC. Charlotte Auto Glass has one of the strongest guarantees in the business. As a trusted Car Glass Repair Charlotte NC in your area, we pride ourselves on our methodical approach to every job. With over many years of experience, Charlotte Auto Glass understands your Car Glass Repair Charlotte NC needs and concerns.At Charlotte Auto Glass, we take pride in making your auto glass replacement and repair process as simple and quick as possible.

Do You Need A Car Glass Repair Charlotte NC?

Repairing your Car Glass Repair Charlotte NC is a great way to prevent the spread of damage and restore clarity to the driver while offering some nice advantages over replacing the glass. When the damaged area is small enough (usually the size of a quarter or less) Car Glass Repair Charlotte NC repairs can be performed instead of having to replace the entire glass.

Car Glass Repair in Charlotte NC
The Car Glass Repair Charlotte NC process takes less time than a replacement and costs far less than a new Car Glass Charlotte NC. In fact, if you’re filing an insurance claim, the Car Glass Repair Charlotte NC may cost you nothing out of pocket, regardless of your deductible amount. If you have any questions regarding Car Glass Repair Charlotte NC, have a look at our Car Glass Repair Charlotte NC page.

Car Glass Repair Charlotte NC

When repairing a Car Glass Repair Charlotte NC there are some general steps that all repair techs follow. First, the area around the damage will have to be cleaned. This ensures that any debris that is in the rock-chip or crack is removed. This may seem obvious, and to some unnecessary, but without careful cleaning, the chances of the repair failing are increased.
Once the damaged area has been thoroughly cleaned, our Car Glass Repair in Charlotte NC technicians inject a special resin into the damaged area.

This resin bonds with the glass and is cured by exposing it to UV lighting conditions are right, the UV rays from the sun are enough for solidifying, but if not, our repair technicians use special lights that subject the resin to enough UV rays.

Get A Speedy Fix With Car Repairs & Replacements

We at Charlotte Auto Glass understand that your busy schedule might not afford you the additional time to get to and occupy our shop – that’s why we provide convenient mobile windscreen and car Glass Repair in Charlotte NC. So, there is no need to worry as a result of we’ve got you covered. Our mobile techs are continuously able to return to your home or business to handle the task – with very little impact to you and your schedule.

Why choose Us?

If your car Glass Repair in Charlotte NC is broken or cracked, it’s a nuisance and additionally a distraction from the road. A crack larger than a dollar will obstruct the road before of you, preventing you from driving safely, further as lowering the integrity of the general stability of your vehicle. Don’t run the danger of theft or water damage if your window is broken. The apparently easy perform of car glass is also taken for granted generally, however not by Charlotte Auto Glass. we care about the people behind the glass – our customers and their families.

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